Why hello there!

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This is the first post of my redesigned site.

It’s been quite an ordeal, but a rewarding one!

How did I get here? Well, I had to ask myself a lot of questions. The answers to which I can now provide…myself.

Q: How do I stop paying a ton of money to host a basic website?

Q: How do I transfer my domain to a new registrar?

Q: How (the hell) do I build a website from scratch these days?

Q: Cool stuff. But what the hell is Jekyll? What’s a gem?

  • Yeah, that stuff is confusing. Keep at it, dude. (Oh, and try not to fuck with Ruby on both Windows and macOS before you know what you’re doing. Or do, but I hope you have a stress reliever handy. Know and love your terminal.)
  • Once your migraine has stopped, install Ruby and Git to your machine. Follow Mike Dane’s Jekyll tutorials to get a basic blog template running locally.

Q: OK, I think I get it. I can run a local server of my Jekyll site (!), but how do I push it to GitHub? (Also, please explain what a Git is.)

Now would you believe, even after all that work, this website isn’t even close to being done? It’s not.

After these numerous, but small, victories, I need to:

  • Redesign the blog. The stock template isn’t doing it for me.
  • Add content. You know: my resume, my portfolio—the fun stuff.
  • Figure out how to post my photographs. I want to use this site to show off!

I’ll keep updating as I make progress on the above. I’m doing this to learn as much as I can about development without actually becoming a developer.

Thanks for reading! You won’t find me on social media (yeah, you literally can’t @ me), but you can always see what I’m up to over at Silicon Sasquatch.

– Aaron